How to find college convenience stores,at least in the U.S.

A college convenience store is often the first stop for shoppers who need to shop on their way home.

Here are a few ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal at a college convenience.


Look for a location near a metro area or a college campus, where college students can shop online.


Look out for a college bookstore that has a college name on its front and a store sign on its back.


Visit a college store where you can pick up a free college coupon.


Check the online coupon catalog to see if it has college convenience coupons available.


Check out the college discount sites to see what offers you can get for free at a discount store.


Look online for other coupons that may be available at a location like a Walmart.


Look at the price of a school-issued student ID, to see how much it would cost to get a college ID. 8.

Look on the Internet for discounts at colleges, libraries and other organizations.


Search online for online coupons at stores that sell college supplies or books.


Shop online at Walmart and other major retailers to see deals on student supplies.


Check online for discount coupons at many colleges.


Go to Walmart and search for discounted college supplies.


Check for discounted items at online discount stores.


Use the school’s online catalog to get coupons for supplies, textbooks, and other items.


Shop in person at a store and find coupons that offer discounts on college supplies and books.


Check college coupons at your local Walmart to see discounts on supplies and other products.


Look in-person at a university bookstore to see college discount coupons.


Check with your local school for discounts on school supplies.


Look through college store catalogs to see coupons for college supplies that you can apply to college tuition.


Look up online coupon codes to find the best prices on a college discount or other school-issue items.


Check your local college’s online coupons for discounts.


Check Amazon for discount codes or coupons for books, software, computers and other college products.


Look to see discount codes at a department store or online for discounts that are good when you use a coupon code.


Check to see the availability of a student ID and other student identification, like a driver’s license or passport, at a school.


Check in with your college’s academic center or the university’s online student portal to see whether they have discounts or other coupons available for students.


Look with a student loan servicer for discounts or discounts on loans for students that have a credit score.


Look into student loan programs and programs that offer student loans for loan repayment.


Look under the hood at the computer or tablet of a computer or smart phone to see a discount or a free computer or device.


Look and feel for the look and feel of a device that has been refurbished.


Check local newspapers to see discounted or free electronics and other goods.


Check Craigslist to see bargains on other college supplies, electronics and software.


Search for discounts and offers on college textbooks.


Check through the college catalog to find discount codes for books.


Check back at your college or university’s web site or on their Facebook page for new and exclusive coupons and discounts.


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