How to use the right app to find your next home

When a home improvement store offers a discounted home improvement item, you might think the savings are worth the extra cost.

But don’t be fooled.

Home improvement stores are often deceptive in their advertising.

And that’s a problem because consumers should know when to be skeptical about the ads.

Here are the five big mistakes you should avoid when looking for a home or appliance that’s cheap or free.1.

The Ad is Cheap and FreeBut it’s not always so.

The ads often say that they’re a discount for an appliance that you can get at a store, a website or a retailer.

It’s a promotional offer for a discount.

But often the advertised item has no real savings, and even if it does, the store is misleading you.2.

The Product Is Really FreeIt’s not that the product is free.

If the product advertised is really free, consumers are paying for the product, not the product.3.

The Store Is Selling The Item to a HomeownerThe ads often promise that a “Home Improvement Store of Your Choice” offers discounts on a product or service that a homeowner needs.

In reality, the ad is an advertisement for the store, and the product the homeowner will get at the store might be of questionable value.4.

The Retailer Has No Business RelationshipWith The StoreThe ads also often claim that a product is “Certified Pre-owned” or “Certificate of Expiration” or something similar, when in reality, there’s no guarantee the product will be returned or replaced.5.

The Homeowner Is Paying The Ad for A Discount The ads also promise that you’ll get a “free trial” or an “in-store inspection” when in fact, the product or services that you’re buying may be of no value at all.


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