You can sample a sample of a city for free

HOPE, Iowa — You can now sample a city’s convenience sample and get free food.

It is called the “convenient sampling” program, and it is currently available in all 100 counties in the state.

The sample includes a grocery store, a pharmacy, a gas station, a grocery delivery service, a convenience store and other businesses.

The program, which is available in the city of Hope, Iowa, for free to residents and visitors, is being touted as a way to promote community engagement.

Hope Mayor Jeff Zorn said the initiative was developed to help improve quality of life and create opportunities for people to shop.

It is an attempt to connect the people of Hope with the things they want to buy and buy in a city, Zorn added.

“People know that we have a great grocery store and a great pharmacy.

So what we want to do is bring the people together to share that,” Zorn told the Des Moines Register.

“We’re also really trying to create a sense of community and community ties, so people can feel a sense that this is an affordable place to live.”

Zorn said there are currently about 1,000 members of the Hope Neighborhood Council who have signed up to sample a neighborhood grocery store or pharmacy and they are all doing it for free.

Zorn added that he was able to get people to sign up for the sample through social media and by offering a free sandwich to residents.

“There are people that have signed us up who have been here for three weeks and they’re signing up to come out and sample,” Zarnosaid.

“People have been showing up at convenience stores and doing their grocery shopping in town and coming in for groceries and they’ve gotten the chance to sample for free.”

The Hope Community Council is a nonprofit organization, which Zorn described as being comprised of individuals from all walks of life who work together to support each other in their community.


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