‘Wicked’ Irish ‘Wick’ store to reopen next month


– Irish grocery chain Wick’s has announced plans to reopen its original Cork store, which was the location of a popular convenience store chain.

The Wick’s Irish grocery store will reopen on Jan. 1, 2017, following its closure in September.

The Wick family said they were proud to reopen Wick’s in Cork, which opened in 1921 and had a strong presence in Cork city centre.

Wick’s will offer an extensive selection of Irish products and services, including fresh produce, milk and meat.

“The Wick Irish grocery chain is a unique local grocery store with a strong local customer base in Cork and the Wick family is proud to welcome this historic, iconic and popular location back into our community,” said Wick’s owner, Andrew and Susan Wick.

The business was the only Wick family store in Cork until the mid-1990s when it was sold to a Dutch family.

Andrew Wick said Wick will remain open as a family owned business, which will allow customers to enjoy the local atmosphere.

He said the new Wick’s will have a small menu with some of the most popular products and products for the home.

Its opening will allow Wick’s to offer customers a selection of a wide range of local products, which they can enjoy with a great selection of their favourite brands, such as the local cheese, butter, yoghurt and other local favourites.

“The store has a strong following in Cork,” said Andrew Wick.

Irish Independent


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